I didn’t bleach, socialite Corazon Kwamboka explains dark knees

Corazon Kwamboka

When you live most of your life on social media, you are forced to entertain all manner of people with outrageous questions.

This is what Socialite Corazon Kwamboka had to contend with after she was accused of bleaching her body. The reason behind the suspicion? Her dark knees which look different from the rest of her body.

Her uneven skin tone was subject of discussion after she posted a photo of herself while on holiday down at the Coast breeding all manner of comments and reactions from netizens.

Refuting claims she lightened her skin, the socialite explained the reason behind her dark knees stemmed from punishment while she was in a village school where they were forced to kneel down.

Corazon Kwamboka

“Every time I post a pic one beautiful girl or boy usually end up talking about my dark knees, I’ll tell you why? It’s not coz I bleached; never have never will, it’s coz in my village primary school they used to make naughty pupils kneel on hot gravel for hours as punishment; and I was very naughty, so once a week I would end up on hot Kokoto for one reason or the other.

“So stop mentioning it all the time, coz that reminds me of the traumatic experience I had, just kidding.. you can go ahead and make fun of them, I don’t care. You all know how thick my skin is that’s why you guys like bullying me. Ps; today I weigh 86.5kgs… the journey to 77kgs continues,” wrote the socialite.

Corazon Kwamboka

Not a new subject in the country, more and more socialites are bleaching their skin.

One of the latest cases was that of Bridget Achieng who confessed that she felt ugly ever since she was a young child. Others who have bleached in the near past include Vera Sidika.