Police find Sh615,000 of drugs inside woman’s privates

Desiree Webster stuffed the massive drugs haul in a very intimate place

Stunned coppers discovered a hefty drugs haul the size of a fist and worth an estimated £4,600 (Sh615,000) inside a woman's vagina.

Desiree Webster, 20, was arrested in a car after a tip off she was flogging dope.

A police sniffer dog showed particular interest in the driver’s seat where Webster had been sitting.

And after Webster refused to co-operate with a strip search a hospital scan revealed a staggering array of drugs inside her in Shawano, Wisconsin, US.

Police found cocaine, synthetic weed, marijuana and six Ecstasy tablets.

It was discovered after the scan of Webster’s pelvic area showed a plastic bag the size of a human fist.

Three small bags were found inside it after being removed by a nurse.

And Webster could have died if the bags ruptured inside her, warned medics.

"If she were to overdose on that amount that would be a toxic dose and she would likely die,” emergency room doctor Ryan Murphy said.

“With the cocaine you're going to be in this excited delirium state and the heart’s going really fast.

“They'll be running a high fever and the body will shut down and you'll die."

Webster has been charged with six drug offences, including two of possession with intent to deliver.

She also faces eight counts of jumping bail in a different case.

A man in the car with her, 39-year-old Jaral McCollum, is accused of four drug offences.

Investigators had been told that convicted drug dealer McCollum would “travel with females and have them conceal the contraband inside their body.”

He and Webster would make two or three trips a week between Shawano and Milwaukee to buy and sell drugs, said police.

Dr Murphy, of BayCare Clinic, said it was not rare for drug dealers to smuggle contraband inside various orifices.

“It’s common that you would see them inside of condoms, inside of bags, inside of Saran wrap,” he told WBAY-TV.

“People try to get creative, and they try to pack as much as they can into a very small container.

“It’s very common to actually see these containers or transport devices rupture.”

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