MP commutes daily to parliament on bodaboda, uses ‘mulika mwizi'

He is living it simple [Photo: Courtesy]

A first-lawmaker has become the subject of discussion among his colleagues and parliamentary staff over his mysterious and yet simple lifestyle.

 Close to a year after getting elected, the MP seems not to have ‘accepted’ that he is now a VIP. 

The man, who is generous to a fault, has on several times arrived in Parliament perched on a motorcycle, with his top of the range car being driven in later.

When the National Assembly is not in session, the legislator most times is found at the parking lot where he animatedly chats with drivers at aides of his colleagues.

 He is also a proud owner of at least three ‘mulika mwizi’ cell phones, no smartphone!


The love life of a beleaguered top official of a government agency may just turn out to be his waterloo.

Two MPs, who hail from the same county as the official, were overheard raising concerns that their kinsman, who has some unfinished business with authorities, embarked on marrying several women after landing the top job.

“Sleuths will definitely start their probe on how he managed to have all the women after he clinched the post,” a lawmakers said during the discussion with his colleague at a city restaurant.