Busia woman shocks crowd with Sh100 million pledge for Uhuru

Dorothy Khaduyu is arrested by police

Police are investigating a woman who claimed she had been sent by President Uhuru Kenyatta to pledge Sh100 million at a funds drive in Funyula Constituency.

This, when the President was not even invited to the event at St Cecilia Girls Nangina at the weekend.

The harambee had been organised to help construction of a hall.

Dorothy Khaduyu is arrested by police

Dorothy Khaduyu stunned the crowd, that included Funyula MP Oundo Mudenyo, when she said she had a letter from State House authorising her to stand in for the President.

She claimed Uhuru was aware she was representing him.

She was arrested after all Government officials said they were unaware of the arrangement.

Dorothy Khaduyu is arrested by police