World Cup fever: Meta Meta students go bonkers over soccer

The World Cup has invaded Meta Meta. Since the first match between Russia and the Saudis, keeping students in school has been a tough task.

Okonkwo, the boarding master and the night guards have been patrolling the school compound from sunset to dawn.

Their efforts haven’t deterred enterprising mischievous students from sneaking out. Others have been seeking permission to go home on flimsy grounds.

Thunder, who was on duty last week, was amused when a Form One, apparently experiencing severe pain asked for permission to go home and seek medical attention.

Thunder enquired what the problem was and the boy in tears complained that one of his fingers was paining. When Thunder looked at it, there wasn’t anything wrong.

Parents on the other hand are desperately trying to keep their children in school. Last week, Lenny of Form 2G was dragged back to school by his aunt.

“Mwalimu, why are you allowing students to go home? Is there a secure place you can lock up this one until this World Cup is over?” she asked.

Lenny had gone home complaining of severe chest pains. He could hardly stand and had to be supported by some boy scouts as he moaned in pain.

Magarita, alarmed at his sight dashed for her bottle of anointing oil. She poured some on his head and in tongues, prayed for his recovery.

She even gave him her phone to talk to his guardian. His aunt informed us that the television set hadn’t been switched off since he arrived home.

Lenny’s mother told us that he never took a single dose of the medicine she had bought him. “I found all these hidden in his room,” she said as she removed a parcel from her handbag.

Indeed, cases of indiscipline have shot up. On Thursday night after lights out, the boarding master was alarmed by shouts and screams from the notorious Serengeti dormitory.

When he rushed there, he found some boys armed with crude weapons surrounding Mato.

“Ameniibia thao mbili,” screamed a boy. When order was restored, the boys informed him that Mato had conned them of Sh2, 000.

He had been placing bets on their behalf. Okonkwo, who had walked into the dorm armed with a fire extinguisher, ordered an impromptu search after hearing that the boys had been betting.

A mini-bank was unearthed in Mato’s bed. A hollowed-out section of his mattress spilled three mobile phones, a number of Sim cards, and a mountain of currency notes in various denominations. “So you have a bank here kijana yet you haven’t cleared your fees,” wondered a shocked Okonkwo.

A further search unearthed more phones, muguka, njugu karanga and gomba special chewing gum. The boys were frogmarched to the staffroom.

By the time they reached there, they had somehow communicated and were completely uncooperative. They denied knowledge and ownership of the items.

Like the Mafia, it was as if they had taken the Omerta oath of silence. However, some form one’s caved in after Okonkwo threatened to call the police.

They revealed that they had been placing bets on the various world cup games through Mato whom they referred to as their agent. They were sent home and will be facing Wa Makeri’s discipline committee next week.