Shame on you who can't buy pads and tampons for your woman

It is time for men to get over themselves and stop making a big deal out of having to buy tampons and pads for their women. 

If you are embarrassed or grossed out about picking up a box of tampons or pads for your woman then you should not be in a relationship, period! (No pun intended).

I know that a woman’s menstrual cycle is still a taboo subject among men. However, it is a fact of life. Women bleed for a couple of days every month. Fact. Deal with it.

Periods are part and parcel of a relationship. I’ve once ended a relationship over this issue. I was in the house and realised that my period had sneaked up on me and I did not have any feminine hygiene products.

I was trying to decide whether to improvise with tissue paper until I could go to the shop or borrow from my female next-door neighbour who I barely talked to.

I was dreading both options. By a stroke of luck, my then boyfriend decided to drop in to check up on me and I heaved a sigh of relief.

I would not have to waddle around with toilet paper stuffed up my coochie or humiliate myself by borrowing sanitary products from my snobbish neighbor. He would go to the shop and buy the tampons for me.

I told him I was in an emergency situation and needed tampons and I did not have any in the house and then asked him to run to the shop and get me some.

He didn’t say anything. He just stood there staring at me. His face was a mask of terror. You would have thought I had just asked him to defuse a bomb!

After sensing my impatience he started mouthing off excuses. I could tell he was uncomfortable at the mere mention of the words ‘period’ and ‘tampons’.

He acted like asking him to get tampons for me was the worst thing one could ask a man. He actually said that it is not masculine for a man to be seen carrying tampons. Can you believe that?

In the end, I had to go get the tampons myself because he was ‘weirded’ out and thought it was too embarrassing.

That was the end of our relationship. I needed his help in an emergency situation and he didn’t come through for me because he thought buying tampons would hurt his masculinity. How absurd!

Another time I was at the supermarket and there was a man buying pads and his discomfort was palpable.

He looked ridiculous trying to hide them with other groceries and then trying to pick a checkout counter where the least people would see what he had just bought. What is up with that guys?

Do you think people will conclude you are buying them for yourself? It is absolutely ridiculous! It was sweet that he was actually buying tampons for his wife or girlfriend, but did he have to act so uncomfortable?

It is not like women regularly ask their boyfriends to restock their pads or tampons storage. We only ask when it is absolutely necessary and we would appreciate it if you stopped being jerks about it.

A real man doesn’t get squeamish about periods and would have no problem going to the shop to buy tampons for his woman.