Anerlisa causes a stir online with comment on tomboy dressed friend’s post


We have never known Keroche heiress Arnelisa Muigai for pulling stunts. No wonder then that her latest move has tongues wagging… This after she came out fighting last month over rumours that she left her boyfriend for a lesbian lover.

Early in the week, the young millionaire, who recently worked on a makeover to give her body a fresh sexy touch, made a post on her Instagram page that left everyone guessing. It was a picture of a friend named Tasha, her ‘BFF’. “Hey Tasha looking fine. #BFF,” she scribbled across the tomboy dressed friend’s bosom.

A new post on her Instagram page has her standing next to Tasha, having a taste of desert as she shares a message with the BFF.

 Anerlisa’s blind teaser has left many guessing as to what this BFF alludes to. About a month ago, Anerlisa was hanging out with the friend at Kiza Lounge where an admirer offered them a bottle of Champagne – to their shock. Pulse watched the beautiful night scene. Paparazzi it is!