Man accused of clobbering landlord for seducing his wife

Bonface Kyalo in court

A middle-aged landlord has moved to court to sue a tenant for allegedly beating him up.

The landlord, James Njuguna claims his tenant Bonface Kyalo attacked him on June 25 in Kasarani area at about 6pm.

While accusing him of having an affair with his wife, with the alleged affair leading to their separation, Kyalo hit the landlord with a huge brick and left him with injuries.

Njuguna was rescued by neighbours and taken to the hospital for medical treatment before reporting the matter at the police, leading to Kyalo’s arrest.

In court, Kyalo claimed he acted violently to teach the landlord a lesson, for he was having an affair with his wife.

“Njuguna was having an affair with my first wife, leading to our separation. I attacked him out of rage. At some point I found his shoes in my house and my ex-wife used to cook for him when I was away,” Kyalo claimed in court.

He accused him further, claiming, “He is now seducing my second wife; that is the bone of contention between me and him and if I didn’t beat him up, my second marriage was also going to collapse.”

However, the case was entered plea of not guilty and the magistrate gave a directive order for a social inquiry and the report to be delivered. He was released on a cash bail of Sh5, 000 while the hearing of the case was set for October 2.