Victoria Kimani on dry spell, looking for a man

Victoria Kimani

Since breaking up with her boyfriend early last year, celebrated Kenyan singer Victoria Kimani has been patiently waiting for a suitable Mr Right. And now, she says it’s been hard living without a man.

“What month are we in now? Since May last year I have not had sex with one person (sic). So who is messing up? Is it me? Or is it the men. It’s hard. It’s like global warming,” she said in a video post.

The China Love singer had been dating Nigerian video producer Stanley Obiamalu before the two broke-up in May last year. She revealed the break-up in December last year during a TV show where she said her love life was non-existent.

“I have not been in a relationship for like six months and I haven’t bothered to like try find someone. They are trying to hit that but that’s not what I want,” she said.