Not a fan of the world cup? Five things you could do during this period

Davis Muli [Photo: Courtesy]

At 6pm today all eyes will be glued on screens to catch a glimpse of the opening matches of the FIFA world cup 2018. This is arguably one of the periods when fights over remote control escalate.

In fact, a funny open letter addressed to women, circulating on social media puts the football fever moment in perspective.

“During this period I won’t have a lot of time for you. It’s not that I’m cheating or no longer wish to be with you, but I will have to make every effort to watch every single match. …Please limit or avoid walking during matches...The remote control remains with me all the time,” read the post in part.

With that said, what is left for those who do not enjoy watching football?

This period can be a time to eat at some cool restaurant that is usually super busy but might be dead because of the game.

You can also use this period to lose some weight. Visit the gym and get that shape you have always wanted.

Alternatively, you can reconnect with old friends. You definitely know the people in your circle who do not enjoy watching football. This could be the best time to place that call and make time for them.

Lastly, since everyone will probably be out watching the games, you could perhaps read a book. Reading requires a calm and collected environment.Utilize this one month period and at least read one book.