My ex-boyfriend publicly humiliated me - Gospel singer Kambua

Kambua [Photo: Courtesy]

Gospel songstress Kambua has revealed how she was once left in tears after a bad episode of body shaming from her ex-boyfriend.

According to the post by Kambua on her YouTube channel, the man she met when she was fresh out of high school almost broke her down.

The Kubamba TV show host said that most of the times when she was with him, she was “balancing tears, feeling humiliated, hungry and angry.”

“Many years ago, I was dating this guy and I was living life on the chubbiest side of life. I was a lot heavier than I am basically. I was fresh from high school, I had put on a lot of weight in high school and I met this guy. We liked each other so we started dating but this guy had a serious issue with my weight and he was constantly showing me different exercises, he had a lot of advice to give me,’’ shared Kambua.

Not only did he suggest different work out regimes, but he would watch everything she ate and questioned her decisions.

‘’There was a time he said something like, ‘You finished a whole chapo by yourself? A whole chapo?”She pointed out

That was strike two and a half. Strike three would come when the couple went to a fast food restaurant for a late lunch. The then boyfriend ordered two pieces of chicken and fries for them to share.

“So please keep in mind that I’m already conscious about my weight, what I eat around this guy because of what he said about the chapo. We start eating, I’m eating very slowly nibbling on my chicken taking a fry here and there, then halfway through the meal, he goes like ‘I don’t think you should eat any more fries,” she added.

And what did he do next? He took the pieces of fries and chicken she was eating.

“He takes the rest of the pack and continued to eat. So I just swallowed a kiwaru, literally. Then as I’m eating my chicken, he goes like, are you going to finish that Kay? And I handed my chicken over to him. Everything inside me, it was like a mixture of balancing my tears, feeling humiliated, hungry and angry,’’ the singer divulged.

Unable to put up with his humiliation, she made an excuse to leave early.

“Because we were meant to hang out that afternoon, I was so furious. I told him I had somewhere else to be so let’s hook up whenever,’’

The ‘’place’’ she was meant to be turned out to be the nearest bakery where she stuffed herself with cake.

‘’I wanted to stuff that emotion down, stuffing myself with cake, stuffing the anger, the humiliation. Everything. I ate it all in one sitting.’’ She said.

By this time, she was done with the relationship and learnt a valuable lesson.

‘’The relationship obviously did not last. What I learnt from it is, don’t be with someone who body shames you. Be with someone who celebrates who you are in every season of your life. And if you have a weakness or you are struggling with something then they are able to help you work through that struggle but not putting you down because of it. I look back now, and I can laugh about it but I really hope you can hear what I’m saying,’’ noted Kambua.