MP’s wealth under probe after splashing millions, acquires new chopper

He bought it via proxy [Photo: Courtesy]

A legislator is being investigated after he recently acquired a brand new helicopter.

The arrival of the aircraft prompted authorities to launch a lifestyle audit on the lawmaker to establish where he got the colossal sum of money to buy the chopper.

At first, the man had hidden the purchase behind another senior politician's name.

But the real owner was later revealed when the MP went to give specifications of some of the things he wanted fixed inside the plane. 

The lawmaker is whispered to be a serious ‘tenderpeneur’ - an activity that he conducts through proxies.


Some local law enforcement officers working in a county in Western Kenya are giving the area Governor a bad name.  

Small-scale traders from the region told The Grapevine that some of the county askaris harass them daily for money and even wares.

Sometimes they help themselves to items sold by hawkers, such as fruits and refuse to pay.

Others have also been reported to eat in makeshift hotels that dot the county and walk away without even glancing at the bill.

The traders are praying that the county boss cracks the whip soon on these unscrupulous county workers who are making him look bad.