Man clobbered after ‘sure bet’ fails to win, slapped with Sh19, 000 drinks bill

He was arrested [Photo: Courtesy]

A man in Nigeria is cursing his luck after he was arraigned in court for failing to settle a huge hotel bill that he had pegged on the chances of winning a ‘sure bet.’

According to the Nigeria Daily News, Ebenezer Olabusu, 41, was arrested after he went to the White Corner Hotel located at Rasmon Street, Ajao Estate and ordered for drinks worth Sh19,800 (71,000 naira).

In his pocket, he had nothing, just the hope that the ‘sure bet’ he had placed on the lottery would make him a millionaire and offset the hotel bill.

It is alleged that Olabusu had been handed ‘a sure bet’ by his agents who assured him that it was the winning ticket for that week’s lottery.

He was given the ticket in the promise he will pay after. He then proceeded to the hotel with a group of friends and ordered for drinks.

Olabasu then pensively waited for the results to be announced.

When the ‘congratulations’ message did not arrive, the lottery agent and the hotel management pounced on him demanding their money.

Cornered, Olabusu was frogmarched to the police station at Ajao division where he admitted that he had no money but was expecting a huge pay out from the ‘sure bet’ that did not materialize.

The man was taken before Isolo Magistrate E. Kubenje and charged with theft and obtaining money under false pretence.

He was released on a Sh14, 000 (N50, 000) bail and a surety of a similar amount.

The case will be heard on the 26th of June, 2018.