My husband likes it when I wear tight clothes, says Emmy Kosgei

Emmy Kosgei

If you spot her wearing tight, fitting clothes, blame it on Emmy Kosgei’s husband.

Known for the gorgeous long gowns she loves to wear, the gospel singer local magazine the gospel artist revealed that her dress code is mainly for performance purposes and if anything, her husband liked the opposite.

‘’It’s not like I’m hiding anything, it’s just when I am singing in front of people I am very cautious of how I dress… Sometimes the stage is high and if you wear short clothes you can disorganize the audience.” She told Parents Magazine.

Emmy Kosgei revealed that her 60-year-old Nigerian husband, Bishop Anselm Madubuko loves to see her in tight clothes.

Emmy Kosgei

‘’In Lagos, I wear very fitting clothes because that is what my husband likes. But when I’m doing concerts I like flowing clothes because I am comfortable, free, can lift my legs, jump and it’s decent to everybody,’’ she said.

The couple has been married for five years and currently reside in Nigeria.