IG Boinnet’s motorcade forced to give way to speeding miraa vehicles

Boinnet’s motorcade had to give way to the speeding vehicles

Vehicles transporting miraa are notoriously known for over speeding and nearly breaking all the traffic rules. In extreme cases, they are involved in hit and run accidents as they transport the highly perishable commodity.

Well, this past week, on his way to celebrate the Madaraka Day in Meru, Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet was not spared the craze of miraa-transporting vehicles.

Boinnet’s motorcade had to give way to the speeding vehicles with their headlights on as they were recklessly driven, flouting traffic rules.

The event, which was overshadowed by the day’s celebrations, saw six vehicles transporting Miraa and Muguka impounded in Murang'a County on Boinett’s orders.

Traffic police along Meru-Embu-Nairobi and Nanyuki-Nyeri-Nairobi highways mounted a major crackdown and impounded several other vehicles.

Vehicles transporting miraa

The incident, once again, puts a spotlight on the plight of residents of Meru and Murang’a counties as they have to find ways of surviving amidst the reckless and rogue miraa vehicles drivers.

This comes nearly a month after the Embu and Meru county governments differed on how to share a Sh2.2 billion Treasury allocation to miraa farmers.