Don't miss the Dawa Music Festival set for Carnivore

Dawa Music Festival

Dawa is one of Kenya's most popular cocktails and features in many bar menus. But did you know that Carnivore Restaurant is the home of Dawa?

In the late 1970’s the concept of the Dawa was born. A take on the Brazilian Caipirinha, the cocktail was featured on early Carnivore menus as the Caiprioskka, the South American country’s vodka- based equivalent. While introducing the cocktail onto the market, a group of regular Carnivore patrons were invited to sample this delicious but tongue-twisting drink.

One fan struggled to remember its complicated name, opting for: “Please bring me my Dawa."

And so The Dawa was born.

In the four decades that this Kenyan drink has been around, the group estimates to have sold over three million of them! Many of these, sold by Dr. Dawa himself.

The original Dr. Dawa is a well-known face for Dawa-lovers.  Over the years, his “medicine” has become not just a drink for patrons of The Tamarind Group's restaurants to enjoy, but a popular drink country-wide.

For 40 years, the iconic restaurant has been serving it to all guests, local and foreigners alike. To honour the cocktail and tradition, Carnivore will be hosting the Dawa Music Festival on June 29th where you can get 2 complementary Dawa cocktails.

The festival will host Afrohouse and EDM style music combinations by international DJ’s from Israel and Hong Kong along-side local artists.

The opening DJ is Maayan Bergman, master of scratching, Hip Hop and Afrobeat. The main performer is DJ Gloria Ansell hailing from Hong Kong/ the UK. She is one of the top female DJ’s in the world with a unique house beat style.

Beside her on the main stage, there will be a second stage of Rap & Hip hop featuring Kenyan DJ’s LERD and COCO EM.

Early Bird tickets at 1000, Advance at 1500 and 2000 at the gate.