Kenyatta University student fighting for his life after being stabbed in fight over woman

Kenyatta University [Photo: Courtesy]

A Kenyatta University student is fighting for his life at a private hospital in Ruiru, Kiambu County after he was stabbed several times in the chest in a love triangle fight.

Upon ending her relationship with the victim, David Murage two months ago, Janet Aoko moved on.

Unfortunately, Murage didn’t move on, he has been bothering Aoko, making impromptu visits to her house, even during ungodly hours.

Without knowing how dangerous this was going to turn out, she never bothered to report the matter to police. Murage kept on visiting unannounced, making a nuisance out of himself, until he bumped into Aoko’s new boyfriend, Levis Mugambi at her house.

Aoko says Murage demanded to know “who the hell Mugambi was to her and why he had invaded his territory”.

Immediately, Aoko responded, saying that Mugambi was her new boyfriend, hell broke loose, with the two young men going hammer and tongs at each other.

Murage, who seemed to have been armed whenever he made his impromptu visits in anticipation of such hostile reception, reached for a knife from his pocket and stabbed the unsuspecting Mugambi in the chest whilst wrestling on the ground.

Murage then fled the scene, leaving Mugambi wailing for help. The incident was reported at the Ruiru police station, but the police are yet to find Murage who is into hiding.