Drama as matatu driver assaults conductor, claims his ‘girlish voice’ was bad for business

Dickson Kipyegon [Photo: Courtesy]

Survival for the fittest is the name of the game for those who work in the matatu industry, especially in Nairobi where competition is stiff.

Furious that his conductor was not aggressive enough to beat the competition, a matatu driver clobbered him, accusing him of having a squeaky voice that scared customers away.

The driver, Dickson Kipyegon is now facing charged of assaulting his colleague, James Kamanga on March 24 after injuring and embarrassing him at Nairobi’s Donholm shopping centre.

Apparently, both Kipyegon (accused) and Kimanga (complainant) were on duty on the fateful day at about 2 pm, waiting for passengers to board their vehicle to the City Centre.

After some time, it is said that another matatu arrived and passengers boarded quickly forcing others who had boarded the duo’s matatu to alight and jump into the other.

For this reason, it is claimed that a heated argument ensued between Kipyego and Kimanga, with the former mocking the conductor and accusing him of having a voice that resembles that of woman.

Not willing to be dressed down like child, the complainant is reported to have fired back at the accused with expletives, with the verbal fight spiralling into a full-blown physical fight.

It is during the melee that the driver is said to have used a stone to attack the complainant, leaving him with a deep cut before fleeing the scene.

The complainant reported the matter to a nearby police station, where he was issued with a p3 form. Police launched a man-hunt for the accused, who had gone into a hiding, only to be arrested weeks later.

He denied the charges against him. The court granted him a cash bail of Sh20, 000 pending hearing date on September 18.