First time MP dumps husband for varsity student, ‘upgrades ‘him with cash

It is only a matter of time [Photo: Courtesy]

A female MP serving her first term has dumped her husband for a university student who is much younger than her.

According to sources, the legislator has fallen for the charms of the student who hails from her rural area.  

The young man, who is swimming in money courtesy of the legislator, who is said to be catering for all his bills, lives in an upmarket estate preferred by Nairobi’s rich.

It is only a matter of time before the relationship becomes public.


A number of former top government officials are having sleepless nights over the brazen manner in which the state is conducting a crack-down on graft suspects.

Two individuals who held plum posts during the first term of President Uhuru Kenyatta, were overheard saying they hope their names will not be dragged into the issue.

“If those in power are being treated that way, what will happen to us now that we are out of government?” One of them wondered.