Lulu Hassan’s message to Kanze Dena as she leaves for State House

Lulu and Kanze [Photo: Courtesy]

Celebrated Citizen TV Swahili anchor Lulu Hassan has congratulated and bade farewell to her co-host, Kanze Dena, as she marches to State House for a new role.

Taking to Twitter, Lulu could not hide her excitement stating that only God knows how far they have come together.

"Alhamdullilah !!!!!Mungu unajuwa mahali umetutoa !!!!!! RESIDENT Kenyatta appoints TV anchor Kanze Dena deputy State House Spokesperson; Munira to head Presidential Library," posted Lulu immediately after the news broke.

The two have had a solid friendship that has spanned over a decade on and off the screen. Personifying their signature Nipashe Wikendi segment and warming hearts across Kenya with their flowery Swahili in the process.

Radio Maisha’s Massawe Japanni also took to social media where he pointed out that the internet was on fire following the news.

“The internet is breaking for you my dada!! Congratulations on your new appointment…Shine like the star you are @kanze_dena.”

Kanze’s former colleague Terryanne Chebet was not left behind either and posted that, “we used to share a plate of food and bus fare, and you took me shopping for 50 bob mtush jackets on the backstreets of Accra road for our first on air jobs circa 2004. See you now! See God! Congratulations on your appointment KD. Sending wind beneath your wings! May your star continue to rise! @kanze_dena.”

Nor was Willis Raburu who wrote, “Congratulations @kanze_dena on appointment as Deputy State House Spokesperson and Deputy Head, PSCU.”

In the statement to the press, Kanze was tapped by President Uhuru Kenyatta as the new deputy State House spokesperson and Deputy Head of the Presidential Strategic Communication Unit (PSCU).

Kanze is to spearhead and “take leadership of the core communications teams, including digital, messaging, research, branding and press.”

It added that she has been “tasked to focus on the President's brand positioning, media relations and messaging with respect to the delivery the Big Four agenda.”

Ms. Munira Mohamed was appointed as the Deputy Head PSCU and Head of the Presidential Library.