Drama as visitor is beaten thoroughly for stealing panties from his host’s wife

Khalid Abdala [Photo: Courtesy]

There is Swahili adage that goes: “Kikulacha ki nguoni mwako (the enemy is within)”.

The maxim is used to warn people against familiarity with those who are close to them for it breeds contempt. Besides, not all such people harbour good intentions.

This is perhaps advice that a businessman from Nairobi’s Pangani estate didn’t take seriously when he hosted a homeless man and is now ruing why he took him in.

When Muhammad Jidale met 36-year-old Khalid Abdala (pictured) and offered to host him. Being the good Samaritan that he is and in the spirit of Muslim brotherhood, Jidale says he allowed Abdala to live with him, as he looked for a job in the city.

As days went by, items of clothing, including underwear belonging to Jidale’s wife began getting lost.

The suspicion landed on Abdala. So incensed was Jidale’s wife, the host kicked out Abdala, accusing him of being a thief.

According to police records, besides stealing clothes, Abdala is accused of pinching a mobile phone worth Sh50, 000.

Days later, after he was thrown out of the home, the complainant spotted him while driving past Pangani shopping centre.

Jidale called out the accused by his name with intentions of confronting him but he took off, forcing him to alight and pursue. After Jidale caught up with him, a fight erupted, with Abdala using a stone and a broken bottle.

Members of the public intervened before Jidale reported to police. The accused was arrested and arraigned at the Makadara Law Courts, where he denied all the charges.

 He was set free on Sh10, 000 cash bail and surety bond of a similar amount. His case will be heard on August 22.