Uproar in Nyandarua after 10 pupils are allegedly sodomized at school

They were allegedly sodomized by their seniors [Photo: Courtesy]

Parents of a school in Ol Kalou, Nyandarua County have protested against alleged sodomy of ten Class One pupils by their seniors.

Some of the pupils, from Munyeki primary school, were taken to J M Kariuki hospital, where they were treated and discharged. The issue came to the limelight after one of them developed severe pains in his private parts after he went to relieve himself.

“We questioned him and it was then that he told us what had happened during the day. He said he had been sexually assaulted by a Class Eight pupil after he refused to give him his food,” said Elijah Giatu, the pupil’s parent.

He said they took the seven-year-old to the hospital later at night, where doctors confirmed that the minor had been sexually molested.

The boy further said that they were many victims who are suffering in silence. “It was then that I called other parents whose children had been molested and they came to the hospital,” said Giatu. Another parent, Peter Kamau told The Standard that he too rushed his six-year-old son to the hospital where he was also treated and discharged after he was found to have the same symptoms.

He said they have reported the matter to Ol Kalou Police Station. The parents are demanding justice for their children.

According to the school head Mr James Warui, he has received the complaints from the parents but is awaiting the doctor's report.

“It is true that there are such complaints but we want to authenticate them after we see the doctors full report. The pupils did not report to any teacher about what has been transpiring and we take the necessary action once we find the truth,” he said.