Man in court for slapping, disowning son for ‘resembling neighbour’

He kicked her out [Photo: Courtesy]

A 29-year-old mechanic, who had all along been suspecting the 3-year-old child who calls him daddy is not his biological son, last week expressed his suspicion rather violently and has now landed himself in trouble.

Nicodemus Wambua has found himself between the hammer and the anvil after he reportedly slapped the child, accusing him of nagging him yet he was not sure he was his biological father.

While accusing the child of nagging and resembling a neighbour, Wambua is reported to have thwacked him and chased his mother, whilst demanding the truth on who the child’s biological father is.

Wambua who is now facing double assault case, in which he is also accused of harming and chasing away his wife, Esther Mawia on the 19th April in Makongeni Estate within Nairobi’s Kamukunji Sub-county.

On the material day, it is stated that Mawia took the minor for medical treatment when he developed a high fever while the accused was way.

It is while at the clinic that she informed her husband (accused) via a text message that the child had fallen sick and that she needed money to settle the hospital bill.

Reportedly, Wambua said that he had no money. But upon being pressed to source for the funds to settle the bill, he blurted out arguing that he doubted whether the minor was his biological son.

According to police, when Wambua returned home in the evening, a quarrel erupted between the couple over the child’s paternity, with the man warning his wife against asking him for any money.

He claimed the child resembled a neighbour and until a paternity test proved otherwise, he was not going to offer any financial support towards him.

Things got worse the following day, with the accused ordering the complainant to leave his house, claiming that he was fed up with raising someone else’s child.

Police records indicate that Wambua told Mawia to pack up and go get a man who is willing to have a wife who sires children who resemble neighbours.

 It was during the melee that the furious man slapped the child for being nagging, whilst demanding to know why he was often falling ill and why he resembled a neighbour.

 The complainant had to take off with the child for fear of further beatings. She reported the matter at the Makongeni police station before seeking medical attention.

Interestingly, the accused pleaded guilty to all the charges. He was placed in police custody as he awaits for a probation report that shall be delivered on the 8th day of June before sentencing.