Landlord arrested after beating, kicking out tenant over ‘noisy intercourse’

He assaulted the tenant [Photo:Courtesy]

A 51-year-old landlord has been charged in court for assaulting a driver 53, and alleging that he has been making women scream at night in his house disturbing other tenants.

According to court records, Stanley Mwaura physically assaulted Samuel Gitonga on the night of the May within Bahati estate in Nairobi.

According to police records, on the fateful day at about 10pm, the complainant arrived at his rented house, where he lives alone, only to find huge padlock on the door. But since it was cold and drizzling and he wanted to access the house, he decided to break down the door.

A furious Mwaura is then said to have attacked him with a walking stick. Without giving him a chance to respond, it is claimed that he told the complainant he was no longer needed within the plot.

Besides vandalism, the landlord told him he was a marked man and it had just been a matter of time before he kicked him out over loud sex, which denied other neighbors sleep.

Despite efforts to apologise and defend himself, arguing that he had paid rent and has never defaulted, the landlord stuck to his guns. Not even promise of repairing the door would calm down the landlord. He is said to have further attacked the tenant, demanding he moves out. It took the intervention of other tenants to end the scuffle.

The truck driver reported the matter to police, leading to the arrest of the landlord. He, however, denied the charges and was set free on Sh20,000 cash bail.

The case will be heard on August 7.