#MuteRKelly: Singer says ‘too late’ speech was not a diss


R. Kelly was recently filmed saying it’s “too late” for those trying to #MuteRKelly - but his speech was more about his strong legacy than it was about anything else.

A new video shows Kelly making a toast with friends, and him saying “it’s too late” as well as “they should’ve did this s**t 30 years ago.” While some took that to mean his accusers were too late, we’re told that’s not what he meant, writes TMZ.

Sources close to Kelly told TMZ Kelly was simply celebrating with his pals - including former basketball player Antoine Walker - rather than bashing any of his accusers. His “too late” comment was in reference to those trying to silence him, like Spotify, writes TMZ.

Fact is - R. Kelly’s streaming numbers have actually gone up since Spotify announced it was removing his music from its playlists. Sources say Kelly was simply pointing out his music has made its impact around the world, and nothing will change that.

Kelly is facing many other allegations of sexual misconduct ... including running an alleged sex cult. He has vehemently denied that, though.