I am aspiring to be the next madam president - Socialite Bridget Achieng

Bridget Achieng [Photo: Courtesy]

Bridget Achieng has been shouting from the rooftops that she wants to vie for the presidential seat and she is not joking lest you thought she was.

Speaking during the Nairobi Dairies re-union the socialite expressed her desire to find a good man and settle down.

‘’I am aspiring to be the next madam president and I need a serious guy who will not play around a man who will come to Bridget has to be focused and have money,’’ She said.

Asked whether she would be willing to be a second wife to fellow co-star and artist Mustafa, Achieng insisted on keeping her virginity until marriage.

‘’Wow! Mustafa si mwanamme mbaya. Hajui anachotaka. There is a problem. He needs to stand here and state what type of woman he likes. Mustafa nilimpa chance kwa kweli lakini anamtaka Glammer Pam na yuwanitaka mimi. Itabidi achague. Na akichagua aende nayo kama mteremko hadi mwisho,’’ said Achieng.

Last month she splurged Ksh 82,000 on Gucci shoes as a gift for her boyfriend Bobo.

Bridget Achieng once stated that she was dating the son of Ghana’s prime minister whom she said was rich. Mustafa on the other hand was once engaged to a gospel artist by the name Mikato before calling it off.