It made me do it! Man chops genitals while watching X-rated video

He sliced it [Photo: Courtesy]

A man in Thailand is nursing serious injuries after he sliced his genitals while watching an x-rated video.

According to Daily Mail, Whisanu Srisanao, 30, was rushed to Navamin 9 Hospital  after he sliced his genitals with a knife.

Paramedics who responded to his distress told the daily that Srisanao claimed he was watching the blue movie on his smartphone before the footage “sent him into a frenzy.”

He then reportedly started slicing the skin from his genitals but when blood started pouring uncontrollably, he panicked and attempted to control it before calling paramedics for help.

Whisanu Srisanao [Photo: Courtesy]

He was found by the medics butt naked, holding his bloodied genitals in the fourth floor apartment complex in the Khet Nong Chok district of Bangkok.

“The man was unwilling to co-operate fully. He said "I was watching porn, I was watching porn…

“He blamed the videos for making him get too excited. He would not say anything more or tell us more details…

“We provided medical assistance and transferred him to hospital,” said one of the medics.

According to doctors, Srisanao is expected to be released from the hospital soon.