‘Canadian man’ pledges to splash millions on Passari’s gorgeous daughter

Passaris and her daughter [Photo: Courtesy]

The daughter of Nairobi Woman representative Esther Passaris has for the better part of this week been the subject of discussions online after she flaunted her as she turned 22.

Passaris’ post that her gorgeous daughter Kenna was now mature and ready to face the world as she turned 22 on the 15th of May attracted lots of comments as several men trroped to her wall, drooling over her stunning looks.

“In my daughter's eyes, I see a mature girl ready to take on the world, one who can think deeply and dare to find solutions. Kenna, don't rush through life's mysteries, but enjoy every stage…

“I know it's tougher for your generation with the pressures of this world at your fingertips, but you are stronger than you realize, and in your own time, you will bloom. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have birthed and nurtured you. I love you, and I celebrate you. Happy, Happy 22nd Birthday," wrote Passaris.

While hundreds of Passaris followers wished her daughter well, other men commonly referred to as ‘Team Mafisi,’ took the opportunity to express their prowess in trying to woo the beauty.

Among them was a man claiming to be Canadian and ready to spend millions to win her heart.

He posted that, “Hello. Let me make it public. Am Hava. A Canadian doing businesses in Kenya. I am also student at Leipzig university. I am in my 20s. Am in love with the daughter. Kindly reach out to me. I am ready to spend my millions to get her”.

While another follower poured out his heart, “Mweshimiwa nipe ruhusa nianze kulipa pole pole mahari (Hon. Allow me to start paying for dowry in instalments).

Earlier, Passaris had stood in solidarity with breastfeeding mothers who held demonstration in Nairobi yesterday in support of a breastfeeding mother who was allegedly thrown out of a City hotel for breastfeeding her child.