Senator Mutula Kilonzo blasts moral cop Ezekiel Mutua for telling Madowo to get a wife

Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior [Courtesy]

 “Public officers cannot engage citizens in this manner. You are out of order. We must learn to restrain ourselves howsoever provoked” was Senator Mutula Kilonzo’s reaction to Dr Ezekiel Mutua telling journalist Larry Madowo to get a wife.

The Makueni Senator did not take lightly the comment by the Kenya Films and Classification Board (KFCB) Chair questioning Larry Madowo’s moral authority because of his marital status.

KFCB Chair Dr Ezekiel Mutua and Larry Madowo

The moral police, as Mutua is publicly referred, challenged Madowo to get a partner and keep off sharing his opinions regarding godliness and virtue after Madowo weighed in on KFCB banning Rafiki- a movie by Wanuri Kahiu based on a lesbian love story.

Sharing an opinion piece he wrote- Kenya’s homophobia is not the only dangerous thing about the ban on ’Rafiki’- the former The Trend host said that the Kahiu still managed to get a standing ovation at the Cannes Festival despite being banned back at home in Kenya.

This provoked the KFCB boss who responded stating that despite the journalistic fame and money, Madowo still did not have it all. The film had been described as one that had an intention of promoting homosexuality in Kenya.