Desperate ex-lawmaker seeks soft landing, reaches out to Jubilee

He's hell-bent on getting job [Photo: Courtesy]

It seems a former MP will do everything to ensure that he gets a State job.

The veteran politician, who was floored in the last elections, has been desperately reaching out to his colleagues in Government to get him a job.

Over the weekend, the man shocked mourners in his constituency with suggestions that the state needed more people from his community to occupy plum positions.

Two top Jubilee Party leaders present promised to reach out to the President and ensure that the man got a soft landing.

Meanwhile, a newly-appointed Cabinet secretary who became a “nuisance” to locals in his home area because of his habit of blaring sirens in the village is at it again.

This time, it is over scantily-dressed women who accompany him to events in his home area. Some locals said on social media that their son was likely lose focus because of slay queens!