Pwani Night: Tunes and Aroma from the beach

Organizers say ‘Pwani Night’ will be an annual event

If you love Bango, Chakacha or the contemporary coastal music, then Carnivore Simba Saloon is the place to be this Saturday, 12th May, 2018. 

‘Pwani Night’, will celebrate the cultures from the coastal strip of Kenya. Susumila, Ali B, the Gogosimo Band and the legendary Bango artist Mzee Joseph Ngala will offer sterling music performances.

Guests and revellers will also sample the best cuisines such as pweza, biriani, viazi karai, samaki ya kupakwa, kahawa tungu, wali wa nnazi, sinia and maharagwe ya nazi.

Gogosimo Band’s leader James Gogo promised to play the best from the coastal region. Some popular songs by Gogosimo Band include: Ngoma, Umbali, Toto la Kimanga and Mwerevu.

On stage, the founder of Bango music and saxophonist Mzee Joseph Ngala will be backed by Gogosimo Band as he sings, Pepeta Bango, Simba, Kisulisuli among others.

Two years ago, the 83 year-old Ngala surprised many by releasing Nisikilize Mwanangu featuring Mombasa hip-hop artist Kaa la Moto (KLM). The song encourages the youth to be focused in order to achieve set goals despite the challenging environment or pressures of life.

Hitmaker Susumula will dot his performances with Ngoma Imezima Hidaya, Karembo, Taireni and Kidekide.

Organizers say ‘Pwani Night’ will be an annual event