EXCLUSIVE: Ezekiel Mutua responds to video of women dancing naked atop vehicle

L-R: A screenshot of the raunchy clip. KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua

Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua has criticized circulation of a raunchy video of three women on social media.

Speaking to SDE, he revealed that the organisation is however not investigating the matter.

“We have not received a formal complaint for us to investigate the case. From the video, it’s hard to tell whether it was shot in Kenya,” stated Mutua.

In the raunchy video posted online, three women were recorded engaging in intercourse atop a vehicle, shocking many social media users.

The video, shot at an unknown location shows the women undress each other on top of a blue SUV and go ahead to perform sexual acts on each other.

The three are cheered on by a group of men who are not in the camera’s shot.

A screenshot of the raunchy clip

The women, who are seen receiving money from their thrilled audience, seemed unbothered by the filming, shaking away their behinds.

Mutua also decried the sexualisation of advertisement by corporates in a bid to appeal to their target audience.

“Using sexual content to promote goods and services is a wrong idea” he stated.

“It’s not just one case of girls dancing nude on top of a car, it’s also about girls washing cars almost nude,” he stated.

Mutua revealed that KFCB has written to a carwash in Kasarani which grabbed headlines a while back for using ‘half-naked’ girls to clean cars.

The car wash in question