Nairobi Diaries’ Mishi Dora reveals that her boyfriend cheated with socialite Pendo

Mishi Dora with Ciggie

Come the next season of Nairobi Diaries, Mishi Dora could be missing in action ias the much-awaited news she promised to share is that she will only be part of the show if her boyfriend is dropped from the reality show.

After posting two days ago, on her social media, that she had a big announcement to make about Ciggie and Nairobi Diaries, she finally let the cut out of the bag.

She disclosed going through hell in the hands of her ‘boyfriend’ Ciggie who she claims beats and cheats on her. After introducing him to the world through the controversial show, the two love birds looked inseparable and gave the impression of all is well.

Through a video on her Instagram that has since been taken down, a sobbing Mishi narrates how heartbroken she is after her man allegedly cheated on her with her close friend, Pendo.

The curvy socialite revealed that she would not be on the show so long as Ciggie was part of the cast.

‘’I can’t be on the same show with you Ciggie, you have a job and I don’t have one. Go back to your job and let me continue being on Nairobi Diaries because this is my main hustle.’’ She said in part.

Leaving no stones unturned she called out Pendo for sleeping with her man.


‘’I don’t go around sleeping with men I work hard for my money. Pendo betrayed me and if she’s gonna pick things with Ciggie, that’s fine. I’m not going to be on Nairobi Dairies anymore. Ciggie still wants to be in ND and there’s no way I’m going to be on the show with him. I would rather lose my job than be there with him.’’

Taken by emotions and pain she reveals how Ciggie treats her to the shock of sympathizing fans who told her to get out of the abusive relationship.

‘’Nigga has even the guts of beating me up. Forcing me to do things he wants his way.’’

The actress is yet to reveal what her next step will be should she exit the show considering she has children to fend for.