Story of my life: Wema Sepetu's followers empathize with her as she weighs in on miscarriage

Wema Sepetu

From her posts, it is obvious Wema Sepetu loves children and can’t wait to have her own. Unfortunately, it is not that easy for the Tanzanian beauty.

She has been struggling with carrying a baby to full term due to infertility problems she is allegedly suffering from.

Her recent miscarriage took place two years ago. She lost twins who were only 13 weeks old.

Dating Big Brother 2014 winner Idris Sultan at the time, the couple vowed they would not stop trying out for another baby.

‘’We have learned lessons painfully but won't stop trying again and again and I do swear by the time your brothers and sisters are made to come to this world (sic), we will be more than ready for them.’’ A section of a letter he wrote to his unborn twins read.

Could the same have happened again?

There is a possibility that the former Miss Tanzania may have lost another child with her current partner whom she is yet to reveal.

‘’Story of my life…’’She posted alongside a photo of a woman being comforted by her partner after a miscarriage.

The 29-year-old has been on fertility treatment for a while which have caused her to gain weight.


Story of my Life...

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