#ifikiewazazi: Several underage teens nabbed taking explicit photos in Nairobi

Robinson Thuku, the OCPD CentralPolice Station

Several teenagers are in custody at Central Police Station, Nairobi, after they were arrested for allegedly taking explicit photos in public.

The teenagers were spotted at Nairobi’s Michuki Park taking nasty photographs and involving themselves in ‘obscene activities.’

After conducting a search on them, police officers discovered pornographic material and contraceptives.

Robinson Thuku, the OCPD Central police station issued a strong warning to those involved that they will face dire consequences.

“They were performing acts that brought discomfort to the observer. We arrested those young girls and one young man, all under 18 years,” Mr Thuku stated.

The main suspect, accused of recruiting the teenagers into the vice is still at large.

This comes barely a week after the #ifikiewazazi hashtag trended on social media. The hashtag was meant to share the worrying trend of teens taking explicit photos in a bid to reach the parents.

Speaking to the press, a distraught parent expressed shock and disappointment in the occurrence.

“Nachukulia vibaya na ametudisappoint sana. Iko shocking,” he stated.