Ukiachwa wachika: Diamond attacks Zari in steamy videos with white woman

Zari with Diamond [Photo: Courtesy]

Its drama in Diamond's kingdom and this time around, the Tanzanian star is showcasing his love life to whoever bothers to listen.

Like a jilted lover, it seems that Diamond's breakup from Ugandan socialite Zari left him reeling in heartache and he is out to prove that he can still get whichever girl he likes.

In recent Instagram videos posted 10 hours ago, Diamond posted hotel room videos in which he is seen in compromising situations with a white lady.

He has occasionally been spotted with the white lass and he finally flaunted her on his Instagram videos with the caption "Ukiwachwa, wachika"

Clearly the subliminal message seems aimed at Zari but as if that is not enough, Diamond and the lass end up "kissing and cuddling for the gram" without a care in the world.

Diamond's posts [Photo: Courtesy]

But just when you thought "Simba" had showcased enough of his steamy sessions, the star went ahead and posted another series of steamy Instagram videos between him and his baby mama Hamissa Mobetto!

The videos all seem to have been recorded in the same hotel room but in this particular one, Hamissa even asks for child support for her baby, to which the star responds, "She said she wants child support, nikamwambia nenda kwa RC."

Feeling himself, Diamond even called himself "sukari", saying that the ladies couldn't resist him.

Unfortunately, his fans could hear none of it.

Tons of comments filled his page with fans warning him that he was going overboard in his philandering ways, with some even warning him to act responsibly since a lot of people were watching him.