SK Macharia bails out Lady Maureen from Tanzanian jail

SK Macharia and Lady Maureen ['Photo: Courtesy]

Maureen Otiu popularly known as Lady Maureen is finally free after spending nine days at Bukungu prison in Mwanza, Tanzania.

Shaken from the ordeal, Maureen together with some of her Nyar Ng’ato traditional dancers flew back home on Saturday after their bail was posted by Royal Media Services owner, SK Macharia.

The rest were to be released on Sunday.

Back in the country, Maureen said she was contemplating quitting music after the bitter experience. She said that their promoter had intentions of conning them after he failed to get proper documents for her and the band to cross over to Tanzania to perform.

Maureen disclosed that after agreeing on a payment of Ksh 400,000 for two shows, the promoter could not raise half the down payment offering Ksh 80,000 with a promise to pay the balance later.

In a guise to go collect the remaining money, the promoter went missing. It was then that while Maureen and her crew where contemplating their next move at a hotel room that they heard a knock on the door only to find immigration officers who arrested them.

They were arraigned in court and sentenced to six months each for being in the country without proper documentation with bail set at Ksh 35,000 each amounting to Ksh 560,000.

Unable to raise the money, the queen of Ohangla and her band were forced to spend days in jail. Fans and friends moved in quickly and organized a fund raising show at club Budas along Kangundo road on Tuesday.

Well-wishers through a WhatsApp group managed to raise Ksh 167,847 in six days. SK Macharia reportedly settled the rest.