Help me: Man begs court to save him from wife's beating

He said it was for the best [Photo: Courtesy]

We have been closely following an important case in our country. No, it is not the constitutional petition seeking to declare unconstitutional the constitutional amendment by Parliament which removed the presidential age limit.

It is a petition filed at Labori sub-county in Serere district of Teso region near the Kenya border, seeking to stop a woman from beating up her husband every time he comes home tipsy.

The middle-aged couple have six children and you would expect them to have gotten used to each other. Peter is 47 years old and has suffered the beatings by Loyce, his once loving wife, for so long but now can no longer tolerate it. The injuries she inflicts on him are becoming unbearable and he fears he might die prematurely as a result.

While Peter admits that he is given to reporting home late sometimes after taking some alcohol, he swears he is a good husband who has never even slapped Loyce in their many years of marriage. He argues that it is unfair to be beaten like a thief when he returns home hungry. Instead of being given food, he gets a beating by his well-built wife until he, sometimes, bleeds.

But Loyce is unapologetic. She is instead imploring the sub-county authorities to act in her favour because she thinks she is only trying to beat some sense into her husband’s head. She says the man not only dodges working on their shamba- the one outside- because of hangovers, but also fails to perform his other marital duties because he is too drunk. Loyce says she has for long been trying to lure Peter back to church but he is not interested.

Peter says he only means well for his wife and has even sought the intervention of her brother to mediate but his brother-in-law has not made any headway. The authorities at the sub-county have confirmed to the media that they are trying to solve the dispute.