Akothee asks for prayers as she battles baby daddy over son’s custody

Akothee [Photo: Courtesy]

Kenyan singer Akothee has appealed to her fans to keep her in prayers as she battles her baby daddy to get custody of her son.

In her post on Instagaram, the ‘Give it to me’ singer that children belong to God and she will not find nor defend it.

Akothee added that she was not planning to any lies on her testimony in the case neither was she worried at all.

“Good morning my lovely birds, please remember me & my family in your prayers this morning God bless you , God I know it's you so why should I worry ? The children belongs to a mother & God you know it , that's why you planted the seed into a woman for you know we are patient and loving , I won't fight nor defend ! I won’t give any lies as a testimony! If I lost my life during the time I was giving birth! The story and drama would have been a different thing, I will listen to your command in Jesus name,”

In March 2016, the richest female musician in the country, tore onto the baby daddy for what she claimed was negligence and abuse.

She disclosed that he allegedly threw her out of his house when she was 9 months pregnant and tried to talk her into aborting the same kid.

''well I have a baby daddy who would rather spend his money for SEX holidays all over the world , but never taken responsibility of his only child since the baby was born ,... he went with him to his Country, after four months , brought back the child saying he had no time , he can't go to work , nor go for coffee nor travel , he said its too much work , so the child had to come back to Kenya , a step back word again in school .

“I arrived at the airport to pick up my child , shiiiiiiiiit , this guy dint even buy his only child, the child he got at injury time late 50s, a suitcase , he packed the baby's clothes in a Caton box !!!!.... , God , tell this man, to go & tell his lawyer , that my name is not, Esther Akoth Kokeyo any more & that I am # MADAMBOSS . God, go tell this man that THERE IS FIRE IN THE MOUNTAIN. & Again God remind him that I don't have time for back & forth HE knows my account details & the jumbo junior no . all I know is medical insurance is due & we need flight tickets for summer is around , the rest is history because mummy does not pay rent , otherwise he would have to pay rent for a 5 bedrooms with a sea view , now that am #Madamboss” wrote Akothee