Man accused of touching woman’s butt at a bus stage freed

Alexander Mbondo [Photo: Courtesy]

A man accused of touching a woman inappropriately in public has been acquitted due to lack of evidence.

Alexander Mbondo was charged that on diverse dates between April and September 2016 at Coat Drapers of Fontanella Building in Mombasa, he intentionally touched the buttocks and breasts of the woman against her will.

Mbondo allegedly groped the married woman at a bus stage and inside a shop, and was arrested after she raised the alarm during one of the incidents.

The suspect has been in custody since 2016 after he failed to raise Sh20, 000 bond.

Mbondo, who denied the charges levelled against him, claimed he was smitten by the woman's beauty and had only seduced her with the intention to marry her.

"I have undying love for her and can't stop myself because of the beauty and I am ready to marry her anytime she accepts my proposal," he told the magistrate who appeared stunned by the suspect's audacity as the people in court burst into laughter.

Mbondo told the magistrate that it was unfair to lock him up for trying to woo a woman. "So I pray the court to let me free so I can marry the woman who is the love of my life," he said.

However, yesterday Senior Resident Magistrate Henry Nyakweba said the prosecution had not provided enough evidence to show that indeed Mbondo had inappropriately touched the woman.

“None of those who apprehended the accused after he touched the woman inappropriately has testified,” said Nyakweba as he dismissed the case.