Love-struck? Three MPs spotted battling to woo hot female colleague

The three are fighting to woo her [Photo: Courtesy]

It is only a matter of time before three MPs clash over their female colleague they have all been eyeing.

The Grapevine has been told that the love-struck lawmakers have been outdoing themselves to win the heart of the beautiful first term legislator.

So smitten are the MPs with their counterpart that they have each vowed to their friends that they will do anything to woo her.  

One of the MP is a veteran politician, while his two colleagues had a stint in the last parliament.

It will be interesting to see which of the three men will manage to sweep the damsel off her feet.


It seems a politician has not learnt from the old adage warning people not to count their chicks before the eggs hatch.

The man who last year threw a bash for his friends in anticipation of an appointment to cabinet that never was, is at it again.

This time round, the vocal politician was overheard telling those who care to listen that he will soon 'sort' out an opposition politician and his kin since he has been assured of bagging a lucrative job.

Whether this comes to pass, only time will tell.