Hawkers in city centre fewer following crackdown

The number of hawkers in the central business district has declined slightly in the last week, following the massive crackdown by the county and national governments.

A spot check yesterday revealed that most downtown streets notorious for hawkers, such as Tom Mboya, Ronald Ngala and River Road, had fewer traders than usual.

“The operation has been very successful. I think Kenyans now understand our role,” noted County Director of Operations Peter Mbaya.

The operation, which also targeted boda boda riders, led to the arrest of more than 1,000 riders and hawkers. In February, the county, with help from the police, launched a 14-day operation to clear the city of hawkers.

The initiative followed months of complaints from residents, who accused the hawkers of causing overcrowding and fuelling insecurity.

Shop and stall owners have also continually complained of hawkers blocking customers from accessing their premises.