Beef over? Sonko’s daughter, Saumu, meets with Shebesh in New York

Shebesh and Saumu [Photo: Courtesy]

The tiff between Governor Mike Sonko’s daughter Saumu Mbuvi and former Nairobi Womens Representative Rachel Shebesh could be over after the two met in New York, USA.

No hair was pulled nor finger nails broken as the two ladies posed for a photo on the side-lines of the sixty-second session of the Commission on the Status of Women at the ‘Big Apple’.

Saumu and Shebesh [Photo: Courtesy]

This is far from the war of words that erupted between the two in 2013 with Saumu on Shebesh’s neck over allegations that she was wrecking her father’s marriage.

It all started after photos emerged on social media purporting to snap an intimate moment between Sonko and Shebesh. The Governor, however, dismissed them as Photoshop from extortionists trying to blackmail him.

In September that year the Nairobian reported that two leaders were embroiled in a fight within Parliament buildings over a mysterious long phone call that Shebesh made.

Saumu with her mother in New York [Photo: Courtesy]

Sonko was allegedly not too pleased with it and he tried snatching the phone from her which resulted in Shebesh reportedly spraining her wrist as she tried to ward off Sonko from snatching her phone.

He allegedly managed to get it out of her hand, smashed it against a wall, and stamped on it resulting in a verbal confrontation.

Saumu is accompanied by her mother, Nairobi’s first lady, Primrose Mbuvi.