Former Machachari actor ‘Almasi’ explains his style of dressing

Ian Nene

Actor Ian Nene, who played Almasi in local TV show Machachari has been making headlines in the recent past over his fashion sense.

A few months ago, Nene, who is currently in the United Kingdom responded to claims by a section of social media users that he’s gay.

Ian Nene

According to the netizens, Nene’s brow-raising photos with a flower perched on his ear alluded that he is gay, claims which he scoffed at stating:

“Them: Haha the flower makes you look gay.

Me: Oh really? (Proceeds closer to the flower bed...)’’

Ian Nene

Through an Instagram post three days ago, Nene explained his style of dressing stating, “Someone asked me what my style is... I basically take things from my wardrobe and mix and match them till I find the best fits.”