Jubilee, NASA sycophants rudderless as Raila-Uhuru deal sinks in

President Uhuru Kenyatta with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga at Harambee House [Photo:Willis Awandu]

Politicians who have created their careers by either attacking Opposition leader Raila Odinga or President Uhuru Kenyatta were by yesterday struggling to find their bearings in the new political arrangement.

 It would be a wait-and-see situation for the politicians who have defended their camps with little civility and at some point crossing over to the club of sycophants with no course.

Since the development, some of the well-known hardliners have declined to comment as their main means of proving their performance is in jeopardy.

Some have, however, joined other Kenyans in sending congratulatory messages to the two leaders via social media.


What are the counties planning with billions of shillings they had earmarked for the prolonged drought now that the rains are with us?

That is the questions Kenyans are asking even as they recall what happened with the billions of shillings that were set aside for El Niño that never was.

Will the billions disappear or will the county bosses channel the monies in critical areas?