Rogue driver crushes woman between two matatus in Nairobi CBD

Matatus and pedestrians in the CBD

An unidentified woman was on Monday evening injured after she was pinned between two mini-buses along Luthuli Avenue.

The woman is said to have been crossing the road when a Kenya Mpya bus hit her. She was caught between it and the vehicle that was ahead.

The driver of the bus sped off, ignoring calls from the public to stop.

Residents took to social media to demand justice for the injured woman and rebuke the impunity with which the bus driver acted.

“Shame on Kenya Mpya driver. You just hit a lady and sandwiched her between yours and another vehicle but you continue with your journey as if nothing happened? You have refused to take the lady to the hospital,” read a post by Mary Evans.

“Please save Kenyans using public service vehicles, there is just too much impunity. Complaints against Kenya Mpya have become numerous. This must stop now,” said Jeremy on Twitter.

The incident that occurred around 1pm left many disturbed that the culture of allowing rogue drivers to walk free might remain rooted if not addressed promptly.

“Something needs to be done to rogue drivers and saccos,” said Brian Okoth, a city resident.

Matatus have been in the headlines for the wrong reasons lately. A week ago, a self-proclaimed ‘untouchable’ tout was arrested after he reportedly beat up a passenger who refused to board his vehicle. The passenger was left with serious injuries.