Sweat and grit: Emotions run high as the first BYOB Season 2 nominee is evicted

The girls are at loggerheads and murphy’s law kicked in [Photo: Courtesy]

The first eviction night of Blaze BYOB Season Two that aired last night was nothing short of intrigues with the show being characterized by hugs and giggles, heated arguments, tears and more tears!

The contestants embark on their first challenge which requires them to come up with a vision for a matatu far beyond its PSV services. They are divided into two groups, boys versus girls, battle of the sexes!

The girls already think the boys will undermine them seeing that the matatu industry is male dominated. But in a funny twist the boys know this perception could work against them, so they view them as equal competitors.

At the brainstorm sessions Barbra is not convinced of Daisy’s idea to use Joy Kendi as an influencer for the challenge and there’s a bit of tension.

Over at the boys’ team, things seem to be going smoothly but they are not too sure that they got the objective of the challenge or understood anything at all.

But this week’s mentor Abel Mutua comes in and puts things into perspective for both teams.

On a lighter note, Daisy and Sybril find out they went to the same high school and could actually be relatives - aww. And everyone makes fun of Kwame’s twang, which some of the girls, (or one girl) thinks is cute.

On the day of the challenge things go terribly wrong, for both teams. First, the boys are late to pick their matatu and find out it already left. Same for the girls, but worse.

The girls are at loggerheads and murphy’s law kicked in big time! Everything that could go wrong went wrong, and somewhere along the line Sybril was called a dictator!

Apart from arriving in town late, their matatu driver disappeared on them, the tout did not know where the driver was and the girls got their roles mixed up, leading to finger pointing. To make matters worse, they did not play Anto Neosoul’s music in the matatu, and he was one of their influencers.

All this drama got Barbra emotional during her diary session, poor thing.

The teams meet the judges after completing their task and the boys win the first challenge. Plus they get rewarded with a meal at a posh restaurant.

Barbra, Malkia and Sybril are nominated for eviction. Sybril who was the team leader throws the two under the bus for giving her a hard time the entire week, and Barbra shoots herself in the foot by saying “I don’t know why I am here” when asked why she should stay in the competition.

Unfortunately, Sybril gets evicted and it’s a teary goodbye.