Revealed: Six countries where Valentine is banned

It is banned [Photo: Courtesy]


Valentine’s Day is celebrated annually on February 14.

But according to Metro UK, the celebration of Valentine is highly controversial in some countries and Cupid shoots red blanks.

In these countries, the day is banned, prohibited and any acts to the contrary are punishable by the enforcers who uphold the demands of the majority or prevailing law.

Here they are…


If you went to purchase your dusty withered flowers from a hawker in the streets of Nairobi without getting robbed (sic) you are very lucky, dust it and take it to your lover.

Cross your fingers that you won’t be bungled into a waiting Kanjo vehicle to explain the source of that rose considering that the taps in Nairobi are dry and watering it something else.

In Iran, shop owners are not allowed to manufacture, sell or stock any Valentine’s material.  Roses or love shaped paraphernalia are prohibited.

Here, Valentine’s is simply seen as a western import.


There is no official law against Valentine in Indonesia but some parts of the majority Muslim territories of the country employ small-scale bans.

They consider it un-Islamic.

In Banda Aceh, for example an outright Valentine’s ban was put in place in 2016.


Pakistan has out rightly banned Valentine’s Day second years in a row and prohibited its media from covering it.

Valentine was banned after a citizen, Abdul Waheed, filed a petition at the High Court arguing that it was a ‘western cultural import, and went ‘against Islamic teachings’.


In Malaysia, the country where Kenyans normally use as a benchmark for growth, the day is linked to decay in morality, youth decadence and negativity.

The Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) blames Valentine for everything from abortion to alcoholism,

Saudi Arabia

In 2008 Saudi Arabia asked florists and gift shops to remove all red items until after Valentine's Day. According to CNN, the Saudi’s termed the celebration of such a holiday a sin.

In 2014 five men were sentenced to 39 years in prison after they were nabbed dancing with six women they weren’t related to on February 14th.

Belgorod, Russia

Valentine’s Day here is a no no after the local governor, Yevgeny Savchenko, claimed it went against Russian cultural traditions.