Woman removes four ribs in bid to have world’s smallest waist

Sophia Wollersheim [Photo: Courtesy]

A reality TV star who has already had four ribs surgically removed in her bid to have the world's smallest waist is threatening to go even further.

Sophia Wollersheim who last year came second in RTL's The Jungle Camp - Germany's equivalent of I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!, is considering another rib op.

The 30-year-old has repeatedly gone under the knife to alter her appearance and fans are begging her to stop risking her health.

But she thinks she can go even further in her quest for the tiniest waist.

Posting a photo of her tiny waist asking: "Could be tighter?” giving her followers the chance to vote 'yes' or 'no'.

The beauty's fans appear to have more concern for her health than she does - as an overwhelming 79% voted against her making her waist even slimmer.

But it is highly debatable whether their opposition will dissuade the reality TV star, who is also a pop singer, from another rib operation.

Sophia Wollersheim [Photo: Courtesy]

Wollersheim, who calls herself Sophie Vegas, is said to have undergone several surgical procedures, including three breast enlargements and four nose jobs.

She travelled to the US to have two lower ribs on each side surgically removed last summer as the operation would have been illegal in Germany because of the risks.

Shortly after she posted a photo on Facebook saying "I love my new body" and said she was inspired by A-list celebrities including Cher and Brigitte Bardot who also allegedly had ribs removed to achieve their iconic looks.

She regularly posts photos of her ever-changing body on social media and just last week showed her very own "#bootybattle" with two images of her bottom from 2014 and 2018.

Showing how her bum looks before and after surgery she asked her followers what they would choose.

But her ex-husband had said he blamed himself for Sophia's extreme surgery obsession.

He previously said: "When I got to know Sophia I joked a few times by saying 'you have a waist like a petrol canister'.

"I am shocked and if I have triggered this in her I feel infinitely guilty."

Adding: "It goes against the anatomy of the human body."