Missing Sh10 million was swallowed by a snake – Official tells auditors

Snake [Photo: Courtesy]

If you think you have heard every excuse under the sun from leaders who have pocketed public money then you have not met an official from the Nigeria’s Joints Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB).

This is after an accounts clerk from the agency allegedly claimed that a snake had swallowed Sh10 million (36 million naira) and disappeared without a trace. Yes, a snake swallowed all of it in cash!

According to Nigerian press, Ms Philomena Chieshe made the bizarre revelation while responding to an audit query at the JAMB offices in Makurdi, Benue State.

Chieshe claimed that the snake ‘spiritually’ syphoned the millions that was kept in an office vault  a position that did not sit well with the auditors who instituted disciplinary proceedings against her.

After news of the snake broke, Nigerians flooded their social media pages to ridicule and castigate the manner in which corruption was milking their public coffers dry.

JAMB is a state agency responsible for the registration of admission of individuals seeking to join  various universities in the country.